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Unique Attractions & Neighborhoods in Cary, NC

Unique Attractions to Explore in Cary, NC


For those of you who have never been to Cary, you may not realize that this lovely spot is actually a city masquerading as a small town. As a result of its proximity to Raleigh, it has become the second biggest municipality in Wake County. With that being said, as the city of Cary continues to grow, it is constantly welcoming new residents! Find out why you should consider Cray for your next move with our list below.

Popular Attractions & Golf Course Neighborhoods in Cary, NC

Cary offers so many exciting things to see and do. From grabbing a drink to getting lost among the hemlocks, this city is a great place for all ages to explore! A few of our favorite attractions include:

  1. The KoKa Booth Amphitheater

The KoKa Booth Amphitheater is a performing arts venue located in Regency Park, which is owned and operated by the Town of Cary. This neighborhood amphitheater was recently known as The Amphitheater at Regency Park before the town’s choice to name it after the previous Cary city hall mayor, Koka Booth. It was built in 2000 on the north bank of the recreation area’s Symphony Lake. The Koka Booth Amphitheater is situated on Regency Parkway in southern Cary and predominantly serves the Triangle region. The amphitheater, as well as neighboring Regency Park, has played host to the yearly Cary 5K/10K which began in 2005.

  1. Lochmere Golf Club

A local favorite for Cary residents has to be the Lochmere Golf Club. The Lochmere Golf Club has a reputation of being one of the most amazing Golf courses in Cary and was established back in 1985. This particular golf club offers a variety of amenities to suit all of your golf needs. In addition to this, it also offers an assortment of projects, golf lessons and associations across all levels, including those for the youth. The clubhouse incorporates storage spaces, a star shop and dining options to choose from.  You can partake in the many advantages and honors of club life while also building long lasting fellowships and memories. The best part of it all is your instructor will even design their activities to fit their members’ needs. This includes guest speakers and networking events to wine tastings and so much more.

  1. Prestonwood Country Club

Prestonwood Country Club is another local favorite in Cary, NC due its beautiful courses. These courses are laid out with mirroring lakes and manicured greens and has become a popular place for golfers of all expertise levels. The Prestonwood country Club has played host to the absolute most commended golf abilities and has been a leaned toward setting of the SAS Championship, a PGA TOUR Champions Tour occasion. Its fairways course, at almost 6,500 yards, is also home to its PGA short course family tees. Last but not least, the country club also offers a Youth Club which serves kids between the ages 3 to 12.

  1. Downtown Cary

Downtown Cary is next on our list. The downtown area of Cary offers so much, whether you are planning a day trip or ready to explore the area late at night, there is always plenty to see and do. Locals often laud the locally owned and absolutely outstanding coffee shops, bakeries, bagel joints, amazing ice cream shops, pizza parlors, local boutiques and art galleries, the outdoor park, a theater, the arts center, the classic soda fountain inside the drugstore, and one of the best breweries in America! All of this being said, and this is only the beginning of what Downtown Cary has to offer.

In fact, one of the best things about the downtown region of Cary is how walkable it is. In addition, you can safely and freely leave your vehicle for the afternoon and not even need to worry about having to move it. This way, you can walk your way to all of the locally owned bakeries, restaurants, coffee shops and more as previously mentioned above. So with all of this being said, what are some places that you absolutely have to visit while strolling to downtown Cary? The list goes on and on but let’s start with the following local favorites in town:

  • Visit the Cary Arts Center
  • Hang out at the Pharmacy Bottle + Beverage: a local favorite for beer
  • Enjoy cocktails at SideBar
  • Grab a pizza from Di Fara Pizza
  • Let yourself indulge in delicious German treats at Annelore’s German Bakery
  • Stop for a pick-me-up at the BREW Coffee + Bar
  • Sign up for a wine tasting at Chatham Street Wine Market
  • Watch an independent film at The Cary Theater
  • Explore the Downtown Cary Farmers Market open every Saturday all year long
  • Visit La Farm Bakery for some scones, baguettes, macaroons and more french goodies
  1. MacGregor Downs Country Club

The last but certainly not the least of our favorites is this local favorite in Cary, North Carolina. MacGregor Downs Country Club is an elegant and luxurious club that takes great pride in its Scottish heritage. “Where Lifestyle and Luxury Meet” is the club’s motto. This club is loved by the locals for many reasons. The clubhouse is on a private lake, making it a quiet, relaxing environment. The green has 18 holes and a full-service golf shop. Additionally, the club has 11 tennis courts and a tennis master shop. All in all, this country club isn’t just used for recreation, but additionally for special events and gatherings. In fact, its breathtaking scenery makes MacGregor Downs a favorite wedding and other event venue.

For any families, large or small, who are interested in purchasing in this area, it is also worth mentioning that the city of Cary also features a great greenway system as well as highly desirable public school districts. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about what Cary has to offer as well as the many unique homes and neighborhoods in the area!

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