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Exciting things to do in Raleigh, NC


With its modern feel and Southern charm, Raleigh, NC is a roaring city that offers the best of both worlds. This city is a brilliant, present day meets-memorable objective that brings a lot to the table to both visitors and locals alike. So, what exactly makes this city so unique and memorable? In this article, we will be going over the top most exciting things to explore throughout the city as well as different restaurants, neighborhoods, shopping experiences and more. Continue reading below to learn more.

Top attractions and activities in Raleigh, NC

With so many exciting things to explore, Raleigh surely has a lot to offer to anyone who happens to pass through this beautiful city. These activities include:

1. Visit the Red Hat Amphitheater in downtown Raleigh

Raleigh’s Red Hat Amphitheater is the first stop on this list, which has become a summer entertainment destination for the Southeast. The venue blends a modern, state-of-the-art feel with comfort and convenience, just steps from downtown’s bars, clubs, galleries and restaurants. Over the years, this iconic venue has played host to legendary acts around the world, including Maroon 5, Paramore, Chelsea Handler, Heart, Barenaked Ladies, the North Carolina Symphony and more. If you can catch a live show here, you should definitely take the opportunity.

2. Explore Pullen Park

Pullen Park is actually the first public park that was established in Raleigh, NC. Along with being one the world’s oldest amusement parks, Pullen Park is also known for its sporting events, recreational opportunities and large, open space. The recreation area incorporates a working carousel that was built back in 1911 as well as a small train you can ride through the recreation area and pedal boats to move around Lake Howell. In addition to this, Pullen Park also offers an assortment of tennis courts, baseball fields as well as softball fields, and a large art community that can gather at the  innovative performing arts venue, Theater In The Park.

3. Tour the North Carolina Museum of Art

The North Carolina Museum of Art is definitely a top destination when in the town of Raleigh. Not only was it ranked as one of the top museums in the entire country, but the North Carolina Museum of Art has been a home to many iconic painters and artists throughout the world’s history including artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Ansel Adams.

The historical center is contained in two structures: the newly finished West Building, which holds the long-lasting collection of art pieces, and the original building, or East Building, which offers pivoting displays and instructive projects.

The staggering West Building offers exceptional show-stoppers from past to the modern day, including European, American, African, Egyptian and Jewish craftsmanship. The displays offer incredible instances of work that reach from Greek model to Renaissance canvases to contemporary photos.

4. The Pour House Music Hall & Record Shop

Last but not least, we have to talk about Raleigh’s favorite live music venue. Established in 1997, The Pour House Music Hall & Record Shop has been providing live music seven nights a week with both local artists and national music stars. The Pour House presents everything from rock & roll to jazz, from country to hip hop, R&B to Heavy Metal and more. The Pour House Music Hall also offers rotating draft craft beers, as well as seasonal liquors and specialty cocktails infused with house-infused liquors.

Restaurants and Nightlife

Before getting into the many restaurants Raleigh has to offer, it is also worth mentioning the assortment of different shopping experiences, markets, and nightlife of the town. These exciting experiences include the Raleigh Market, Raleigh Beer Garden, Morgan Street Food Hall and so much more. Of course, we also have to mention the top restaurants in the city. Many of the local favorites include:

  1. Jimmy V’s Osteria and Bar
  2. 1250 Heritage
  3. Mulino Italian Kitchen & Bar
  4. 321 Coffee
  5. A Place At The Table

There are also plenty of different beer trails to take as well as one of the town’s most popular restaurants and destination point, Iris, which is a refined, full service restaurant highlighting contemporary American food in a modern setting. Iris is known for its expertise in seasonal fare by utilizing exclusively locally sourced ingredients.

The top 4 neighborhoods in Raleigh, NC

With so much to do in Raleigh, NC, it has definitely become a popular moving destination. In fact, the growth and expansion of the town has led the city to be ranked as the number one place to live in the country. With that being said, what are some of the best neighborhoods to explore if you are planning to move in? Although there are plenty of great places to visit, the list below will be organized by what locals consider to be some of the best neighborhoods in the city.

1. Oakwood

Oakwood is a historic district in Raleigh that traces all the way back to the 1800s. This beautiful neighborhood is stacked with staggering oak trees and is situated in downtown making it an easy commute for workers in the city. In Oakwood, you will be able to find a wide range of Real Estate, from reestablished Grand Victorian homes constructed during the 1800s, to new, modern homes.

Oakwood is an extraordinary spot for those seeking a walkable, historic & neighborly vibe. Another bonus is that it’ only a short distance to the downtown Raleigh. Here, you will be able to find an incredible selection of eateries, bars and independent retail shops. As previously touched on, the trees in this area are essential for the allure as you will feel as though you are in a neighborhood when you are really in downtown Raleigh.

2. The Village District

The Village District has everything that you need within walking distance. Found west of downtown and near North Carolina State, you will be able to observe one of the most amazing outdoor malls in town. In addition to this, you will find some of the best breakfast (and brunch) places, locally owned and operated boutiques, Yoga rooms, gyms, and a cutting edge library to top it all off.

There are some fantastic views of the city horizon in The Village District shopping area as well. This neighborhood features single-story ranch-style, historic to modern new build homes ranging from $550,000 plus. Young working professionals, families, investors seeking properties to rent to college students, and long-established people seeking to settle down in this area are particularly attracted to this neighborhood

3. Boylan Heights

Last but not least, Boylan Heights is one of the most sought-after regions in Raleigh. In 1907, it became one of the most desired suburban Raleigh neighborhoods because of its rich history. West of Downtown Raleigh lies Boylan Heights, home of the infamous Dorothea Dix Central Regional emergency hospital. The homeowners in the area appreciate just how special it is to live here. Therefore, if you are hoping to find a home in this area it is better to get on it sooner than later as homes tend to sell quickly.

4. North Hills

The North Hills Neighborhood is actually Raleigh’s fastest growing area and is a great option for families as it is known for possessing some of the best schools for children. There are also numerous parks, shopping centers, restaurants, and live entertainment throughout the neighborhood. Runners, dog walkers, and bikers are also able to access the Greenway from multiple locations. There are classic traditional homes or large new construction style properties available starting at approximately $450,000 price point. Each home offers a variety of unique characteristics that are worthy of attention, and are well worth seeing. Raleigh’s North Hills Real Estate offers apartments and single-family homes to those looking to rent or purchase. Because of everything that it has to offer, North Hill appeals to people of all ages.

Are you considering making the big move to Raleigh, NC? We would love to help!

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